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Open Doors

Counselling / Lifecoaching / Support

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Weight Loss Coaching

WEIGHT LOSS COACHING Is a 12 week programme that follows all the scientific formula for a happy healthy body but is personally tailored to retraining your mind. Weight Loss Coaching will change your life and the relationship that you have with food forever... NO foods are banned, NO yo-yo dieting, NO calorie counting involved and there are NO point systems to add or subtract.

Weight Loss Coaching puts you back in control of you.

Over the 12 weeks we work together to make diet and lifestyle changes that will become firmly embedded in your mind and remain throughout your life. Nutrients are increased to prevent hunger pangs, emotional eating is addressed through counselling and beliefs of certain foods being "bad" are challenged and addressed. Together we work to implement changes that are personally tailored to you. Weight Loss Coaching works very well for all forms of dis-ordered eating.

In addition to life-long weight loss, WLC can work equally as well for Eating Disorders such as Anorexia /Bulimia Nervosa. With the full support of your coach, you work together week by week, changing one aspect of "what is currently NOT working" and replacing this one step at a time.... The only real way to make lasting changes. YOU take back control of your life and your weight.

Throughout the programme we investigate the physiology of the human body and mind and what it needs to function correctly. We investigate sodium/potassium and calcium/magnesium in addition to other vitamins and minerals. We also look at how the inclusion of one simple micronutrient in the diet can help regulate hunger pangs and disordered eating. It could even have been a lack of this nutrient that has led to your weight battles in the beginning. Why wait to lose weight?


Weight Control Program

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